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Contemporary Homes 2013

Any of this houses will be so damn good to live…

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“Five Senses Minus One”

How lucky we are that God had given us an amazing and wonderful life together with our body. How lucky we are that God had given us a chance to experience things that he created. Seeing the beauty of nature, the challenge of problems and everything that we can feel, smell, hear, taste and see. How lucky are we that these important things were given to us, letting us know how important life and how we should treasure everything around us but how about if one of those important things likes the five senses we have are not complete or we lost one of them. It is hard to lose just one of the five senses, especially for a normal person like me because for a while I tried closing my eyes to feel how hard my sense of sight can be. It was all black; all I saw was all black. There was nothing to explain or described on different things because like I said all I saw was black. I was still able to feel things, hear things, taste foods and smell but still I was not able to saw something or anything. 

 I can still use my hands to feel the warm of anything that I can touch like the texture of my mobile phone or a pen, paper or anything. Sense of taste, sweet and cold this was the taste of a food I just ate last night. Every time I put a pieces of food inside my mouth, I make it sure that I closed my eyes to feel every bit of the food. Music is my life! And without music I know everything will be boring. Music can take you anywhere like different places or time. That is why I used my sense of hearing to listen to every music of different genres that I love to hear even the sound of nature. The scent of fabric, perfume and everything that was good for my nose. Let me include also the garbage’s irritating smell and how disgusting it was. What I like the most was the smell in province. How natural and clean not like in city, all polluted air. How pitiful it is. 

It was hard that I was not able to use my sense of sight for a while. I cannot see anything like what is in front of me or whatever I can see before. It is hard to walk and I bumped myself on every corner of my room and our house. I do not know where I am going because I cannot see but the only thing that was guiding me was my sense of hearing. I was using my sense of hearing as a guide to know where I am or where I am going. Even before, I knew that it was hard losing the sight especially those people who are born with abnormalities, but now I realized that it was hard. It is really difficult to live a life knowing you cannot see what is in your way or who are you talking to. It is hard because you cannot read, but thankfully some people who are blind are not losing their faith to our God and they know that despite of what they do not have, still, they keep on going because they know life must go on no matter what. The world will never stop spinning just for one person only.


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Keep Moving Forward :)

Bad things may happen anytime. Believe in bad karma just like you believe in your god or in your parents or in your dreams in life. We, as humans are not created to do just good things or expect to act accordingly to what is right. Some of us don’t want to be scolded by the elders and some of us don’t want to move on to the heartaches in life. Some people nowadays just don’t know what to do in their life instead of doing great things, some just want to end their life just because they left alone by their love ones who passed away or maybe the reason is just stupid as what we call in love “Cheating”. 

"Life is unfair", this is what I usually hear to those persons who cannot accept hatred or pain in their life. So do I, I know to myself that I said this words a couple times before especially those times that I really really didn’t expect to happened but hey, who am I to blame for those silly stupid and crazy bad things or situations. NO ONE. When I am growing up I realized things can take as serious as hell. Serious in a sense like a Student who focus on his/her subjects because he/she wants to finish his/her studies or serious like answering a examination in Math subjects. 

I had a lot of experienced where I really feel like giving up. For example, When my 19 years old cousin (a girl) died because of giving birth to her baby girl name “ANGEL”. What a beautiful name isn’t it? well, it is but the pain was not. I can still remember that day, when my family brought the news about my cousin. I cannot believe on what I heard from my grandparents. Every memories of my cousin just washed away like a water flowing to the sea. Funny is it? like a line in a song. I hope I did laughed it before while it was happening but I simply cannot. 

There are times when I realized why this things do happen in our life. Is it because we as humans sometimes too careless or is it needed to happen. I don’t know why. I have so many questions even before and I don’t know if this questions of mine would be answer in time. 

For all the things that did happened in my life, I just realized things aren’t simple especially at first try. Like elders said “Try and try until you succeed”, I keep this in mind and always try to apply it in my daily life. Every time I fall I make it sure that I will always get up and fix myself, chin up and heads up then walk again. 

Forget regret and past behind, we cannot undo things that already happened no matter how we want to repeat that specific time we just can’t. we don’t have the power to relive the past but we have the capacity to live for the present and for the future. 

Simple things that can help us to move on and keep moving. First, learn from failure. Second, ask fro help. Third, Believe in yourself that you are worthy. Fourth, Take all your Responsibilities in your life. Don’t just focus on what made you cry but focus only to those things or people who can make you happy and leave those sad things behind. Last, KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 

We Keep Moving Forward  - Walt Disney -

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it’s called the present” - Kung Fu Panda. 

Being Stupid is ALRIGHT! :))

Don`t expect any in return…

sometimes you just don`t want to expect any in return `cos expecting something in return can only hurt you in the end,…

Learning how to speak Japanese…


I’m studying now how to speak japanese…

I want 2 learn their language and I know it could help me someday,

Getting ready for my next class on friday…


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“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

—   -Leon J. Suenes